Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank God for...

... the mooncup! An alternative to traditional (and disposable) sanitary-wear. Boots in the Republic don't stock 'em so I picked one up across the border in Newry.

It's my second cycle using it and I'm hooked. It did take a couple of days to get used to inserting & removing it but now I'm loving it.

  • One off payment that covers up to a few years versus continual payment each month
  • Nothing to dispose of- good for the environment as nothing goes into landfill/incinerator/sewerage system. No embarrassing "wondering where the heck to dispose of it when staying with someone you don't know very well" feelings
  • Handy for travelling and camping- no space taken up by pads/tampons in the case & no need to worry about disposal
  • I feel more in touch with what my body is actually doing during my cycle
  • I actually looked forward to my next period just so that I could use my new cup (yes, I know how weird that sounds)
Thank You, Lord for making me a woman, for my fertility and for the mooncup.

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