Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Ta-Da List

I'm shamelessly robbing this idea from the de-cluttering group on Ravelry.

Where my head's at at the moment writing a to-do list seems too daunting and I wouldn't be able to handle it. I'm half way through my teaching placement, 2 weeks to go and I've run out of my own resources. One part of me is freaking out. Another part of me knows that God can use what little I have to do a lot.

So, instead of writing a to-do list of all the lesson plans, schemes of work and resources I have to do, I'm starting to write down my ta-das for the day. Sometimes that can be as little as:
  • Get out of bed
  • Get washed and dressed
  • Go to the shop
  • Eat
  • Go on the internet
Sometimes it's less than that, other times it's more. But writing down what I have done rather than what is yet to be done gives a much bigger sense of achievement to me than scratching off entries on a to-do list, knowing that I won't reach the end of the list today, or even ever.

So... so far today I have:
  • Got out of bed
  • Got washed and dressed
  • Made lunch
  • Answered a text
  • Wrote a blog
  • Had a good chat with my Mum
Wow! All that and I haven't even been out of bed an hour! lol

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